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My name is Mark Anthony Cianfrani. I'm a Senior Full Stack Developer, whatever that means.

I took a class called "Scripting Languages for Businesses Today" in high school and it bored me to death so badly that I went and got a degree in English. To be fair, the web really sucked back then.

Current Status: Design Systems (NOT Systems Design) and Web Components

27 March 2022

Design Token Thinking

Everybody’s talking about design tokens—how to name them, how to organize them, how to use them, but design tokens aren’t just something that you can easily retrofit into your existing wardrobe. They require an entirely new way of thinking and working. If you want to start using design tokens, you need to start thinking in design tokens, and to start thinking in design tokens, you need to completely change how you think about design systems.

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14 March 2022

Web Component Best Practices

Writing Web Components is hard. Writing good Web Components is really hard. After spending the last year building out the AstroUXDS web component library, Ive learned a hard truth that a really good React/Vue/Angular/FoobarJS component does not make a really good web component. For those who are first jumping into the pool of Web Components, here is the guide that I wish I had one year ago.

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