Mark Anthony Cianfrani

Senior Full Stack Developer and professional Component Librarian with over 9 years of experience. 3 years leading the developer experience for the Astro UX Design System. Careful and thorough, I thrive in situations where requirements are vague, roles are ambiguous, and there’s work to be done. I believe in the Web.

Work Experience

Rocket Communications, Inc.

Senior Full Stack Developer

- Current

  • Set the standard for developing flexible, reusable component APIs, harmonizing efforts between design and engineering teams.
  • Consolidated developer metrics from varied platforms to enhance our versioning approach, anchoring strategies in robust data insights.
  • Created a Figma plugin for documenting design tokens, increasing designer efficiency.
  • Led a cross-functional initiative to implement design tokens, coordinating directly with engineering, design, and product teams. I developed the backend system and CI/CD pipelines, established naming conventions, and significantly sped up development cycles by ensuring consistent design application across projects.
  • Engineered specialized tooling to validate coded components against Figma designs.
  • Devised automated codemods enabling developers to effortlessly upgrade their applications, significantly accelerating the adoption of the latest design system version, making the transition smoother and faster.
  • Actively mentored junior developers, fostering skill growth and professional development, while also leading code reviews to ensure high-quality, maintainable code across projects.
  • Developed a 'single pane of glass' dashboard platform using microfrontend architecture, enabling modular development and integration across multiple teams.

Rocket Communications, Inc.

Full Stack Developer


  • Established the practice of visual regression testing and wrote an internal testing suite using Puppeteer to end the struggle of CSS whack-a-mole and prevent regressions from making their way into production
  • Elevated our tech stack by leading the migration from Lit Element to Stencil within the Astro web component library. This transition catalyzed a monthly adoption growth, adding over 1k users, spotlighting the library's expanded reach and utility.

Mile 6, LLC

Lead Web Developer


  • Initiated and led a company-wide transition from waterfall project management to agile methodologies which both increased company revenue and client value.
  • Created internal developer tools to bootstrap and containerize new projects, reducing the time for developers to ramp on new and existing projects.
  • Designed and developed an internal ERP system, working directly with stakeholders, from inception to release and maintained the system for 3+ years.
  • Built a cross-platform mobile app used by healthcare providers for recruiting. Wrote and implemented the backend API, database schema, and front-end client.
  • Rewrote a mission critical sales tool as a multi-tenant Single Page Application in Vue, allowing over 100+ dealers to create and manage their own individual quotes and sync with external CRM services like Salesforce.


West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts in English


HTML / JSX, CSS / Tailwind, Javascript / Typescript, Web Components / Lit / Stencil, React, Vue, Angular, Figma, E2E Testing / TDD / Playwright / Jest, Design Systems, Storybook, Node, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Postgres